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Costa Rica is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for productions worldwide. The country’s diverse landscapes, including lush jungles, pristine beaches, and vibrant cities, provide a captivating backdrop for film and television projects.

At FonkTown, we offer our production services throughout Costa Rica. With offices strategically located in key regions, such as the captivating Caribbean Coast, Central area, and breathtaking Pacific Coast, we are well-positioned to caterĀ  your production needs.

Our experienced team is globally recognized for their expertise in the industry, and we have established strong relationships with professionals and schools in Costa Rica. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services, whether you require production support, equipment, or a talented crew.

Despite the distance, we ensure a seamless workflow, maintaining clear communication, organization, and a fast response to your project’s requirements. With our years of experience working with companies from around the world, we are highly adaptable and dedicated to meeting your demands.

Choose FonkTown as your production partner in Costa Rica, and let us bring your vision to life in this remarkable country.

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For projects in Costa Rica

Comercial / Cinema / Broadcast TV

Fonktown is a highly experienced production company that specializes in delivering a wide range of projects, from the initial stages of pre-production to the final wrap. Our team consists of a diverse group of professionals who bring their extensive expertise from productions around the globe.


We have the capability to find diverse locations throughout Costa Rica.

Coastal Areas and Beaches / Architectural Landmarks / Private Residences

Whether you have a specific location in mind or need assistance in finding the perfect place, we have you covered. With our extensive network of private and public locations and direct contacts, we can quickly scout and book the ideal setting for your production. Our local experience ensures an efficient and seamless process, saving you time and effort.


We have all the equipment necessary to shoot the most demanding of film and TV productions.

Arri, Sony and Red cinema cameras / Grip and lighting / Drones

Our equipment is in perfect condition. If you want to have a look, simply contact us, and we can arrange a presentation for your DP, camera operator, or gaffer to examine the quality and condition of our equipment.


We have the capability to collaborate with local agencies for talent sourcing.

Models / Actors / Characters / contributors

A wide range of talented actors and models from various backgrounds and language abilities are available in Costa Rica. However, if you have specific preferences, we have established connections with prominent talent agencies across the world.


Professionalism and flexibility

Director / AD – Producer / Fixer / Loc Manager / Scouter / DoP / Cameraman / Gaffer / Electric / PA / Runners

We provide complete support across all production departments, ensuring that you have everything you need. Additionally, we have access to top-notch bilingual crews, guaranteeing the highest quality for your project.

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