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Production Company in Costa Rica

We are one of best fixer and production services company in Costa Rica

Fonktown is your top choice for exceptional production services in Costa Rica. With our expertise in international productions, we deliver seamless and successful experiences from preproduction to the final video.

Trust us to bring your unique vision to life, utilizing our industry knowledge and local understanding. Experience the difference of working with a trusted production partner in Costa Rica.

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Top production company in Costa Rica

At Fonktown, we are proud to be the leading production service company in Costa Rica, a country known for its stunning beauty and unique characteristics. Our team of experienced producers specializes in international productions, offering you the expertise and support you need to create exceptional films.

With a deep understanding of the local industry and international standards, we ensure a seamless translation of the local way of working to meet the expectations of producers and clients from abroad. Our crew, with their international experience, brings a level of professionalism and expertise that guarantees the success of your project.

Transparency is at the core of our approach. We believe that building strong, synergistic relationships with all the parts involved in the shooting process is key to delivering outstanding results. Our commitment to open communication and collaboration allows us to exceed the expectations of global advertising agencies and production companies that have trusted us with their projects.


We have partnered with renowned global brands.

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Fonktown is a production service company led by experienced producers specializing in international productions. With access to the world’s best talent, we create breathtaking productions with captivating international content. Choose Fonktown for stunning results.

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We help you with your production in Costa Rica

We help you with your production in Costa Rica

Production Services

Our full production house will offer you the widest range of services with exclusive advantages.

Equipment Rental

We have all the equipment necessary to shoot the most demanding of film and TV productions.

Scouting in Costa Rica


Find the best locations thanks to our Scouting service

Fixer in Costa Rica


Photo shootings, commercials, broadcast, corporate content, music videos and documentaries all over Costa Rica.

Best Fixer in Costa Rica

Our team of highly talented producers is dedicated to helping you bring your vision of an exceptional international film to life.

Do you need a producer who can handle preproduction tasks as if you were in Costa Rica? Do you require local expertise for extensive research on a specific region? Are you seeking assistance with bureaucratic processes to obtain location permits and production incentives in Costa Rica? Rest assured, we will have everything prepared for your shooting day.

We can efficiently manage your production in Costa Rica, from the initial steps of research, scouting, script development, logistics, crew, and equipment rental. Additionally, we offer postproduction services such as editing, color correction, and sound design, all within Costa Rica.

We will tailor our services to fit your budget, ensuring you get the most out of your resources. Our ultimate goal is for you to leave satisfied with the exceptional work done in Costa Rica and anticipate returning to film here again. Trust us to have everything ready for your shooting day in Costa Rica.

Fonktown is a production service company created by experienced producers specialized on international productions. Uniquely positioned, we work with the world’s best talent to create stunning productions with international content.

Would you like to learn more about our working process in Costa Rica?

We operate in the most stunning locations across the country. Feel free to contact us to discover how we can bring your vision to life in Costa Rica.